Update for fans on Ninjai Feature Film production and Kickstarter

Posted by The Ninjai Gang
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Hey friends and fans,

Here’s a quick update for the Ninjai film project and the upcoming Kickstarter.

Our small crew of artists have continued to work on the remaining scenes for the film.  There are several sequences left that we’re trying to finish, but with funds being as tight as they are we have had to cut back on a couple of in-betweeners that we’d hired to help move things along.  

This puts more emphasis of course on our Kickstarter that we’ve been working on getting ready to launch. But we’ll update you on that in a second…

We’ve also been working on the actual film edit, tightening things up and finalizing sections that can go to our sound guys to start polishing the score and effects.

For Kickstarter, we still haven’t set a date yet but hope to SOON. We’ve been working on a few things for it, the rewards are a big deal and we want to make sure we can produce some cool rewards (some that you guys personally suggested or voted for) that are great quality. This means researching into production quality and costs and making sure those costs are calculated into the final amount we are aiming to raise for Kickstarter along with the funds that we need to help us finish the film off as quickly as possible.  This can take some trouble-shooting as we try and determine the best possible quality of products for a decent price, but we’re almost there with most of the merch we want to offer for Kickstarter.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign also got us motivated to pull together materials for a cool press release and media kit, that we will be sharing soon.

Most of all, we really want to let you guys know that things are moving forward, and we’ll continue to keep you updated.

Thanks for the support!
-The Ninjai Gang