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Hi guys, the response and support from the Sneak Peek, Ninjai: the Little Ninja feature film has been amazing.

We had a lot of questions come in from excited fans, one of which was, ‘Where are we at with the production?” Currently we are in the finishing stages of the animation and we are preparing to go full steam ahead with post-production.

Post-production includes final edits of animation, scoring the movie (music), sound FX, final sound mix, color correction, etc.

We are also working on our options for distribution so that we can bring Ninjai to as many cities and countries as we possibly can, to a theater near you.

The other big question you have asked is, “How can you help?” So here it is! We are announcing that we will be running a Kickstarter campaign for Ninjai: the Little Ninja feature film.

We are opening the doors so you guys can get on board and help with this project. We are stoked you want the opportunity to help contribute to and join the Ninjai Gang as we push to complete the important final stages of this film. Our plan is to get the Kickstarter up very soon and you, our friends and fans will be the first to know the dates. We are well into planning all the awesome things that we can share with you during the campaign so stay tuned!

We're excited to go on this journey with you!

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