Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: Jan 21, 2015

Question: As a Ninjai fan, I look forward to hearing about the progress of Ninjai Gang projects. How can I learn more about the projects you do?

Answer: Our focus has been on completing the Ninjai Feature Film as well as other Ninjai projects. We are super excited about the upcoming projects so we've started to post updates more regularly so you can share the journey with us. We greatly need and value your support in our various endeavors.

Question: How can we get involved and help out?

Answer: We have been working hard on the Ninjai Feature Film to share this story with you all. Up until this point we've put in a lot of time in, where we haven’t had the money. Money can definitely speed things up, so some of the Ninjai Gang (who aren't animators) have been working on a project aimed at bringing in some money and having our fans be more directly involved with the production - we will be announcing this surprise shortly. We're looking forward to making it possible for all our fans and friends to get more involved.

Question: Will you be making more webisodes?

Answer: We're not putting the web series up at this point for several reasons:

  1. The quality of the animation is very low compared to what we're doing now so we think that it's a bad representation of what our movie is going to be like.
  2. We want to move forward not back.
  3. We want people to focus on what's coming up, not what was there before.
  4. We're considering the possibility of putting it out after the feature film a part of the history and evolution of Ninjai.

We invite you to look at the Ninjai Feature Film "Sneak Peek" we gave you guys, to see the incredible quality of the animation, music and production that we are committed to delivering.

Question: Why does it take so damn long for you guys to get anything out? For you guys to get your movie done or whatever else you're doing?

Answer: We're just a small team of friends working on this. We have other jobs where we've got to make money. Some of us support families. We're doing the best we can.