Ninjai: The Little Ninja is a captivating story that packs a real punch - with exciting adventure, thrilling action, heartfelt drama and an original sense of humor.

A creation of the Ninjai Gang, Ninjai: The Little Ninja was originally a web based animation series that exploded on the Net, touching the hearts of millions around the world. It is often cited as the best web-based series of the time. After creating a huge following and a progressive shift in the overall series quality, the Ninjai Gang decided in December 2008 to take Ninjai to the big screen with a feature film release.

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Meet Ninjai & Little Bird

The story centers on Ninjai, a young warrior who is traveling the ancient world on an adventure of self discovery. Ninjai is a "kid with no name" whose childish innocence and playfulness is met with a warrior's spirit and a deep sense of spiritual conviction.

It is hard to talk of Ninjai without mentioning his confident best friend, Little Bird — a brave companion and loyal sidekick with whom Ninjai often converses.



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