Outside the box

Posted by The Ninjai Gang
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Hey guys and gals, We received a lot of great ideas for rewards for Kickstarter! Good to see that we were already working on some of them and we thought there were a couple of cool originals we hadn't thought of ourselves!

This week we would like to challenge you to think outside the box and come up with some ideas that will make this the coolest Kickstarter campaign yet and get you guys rocking the coolest limited edition Ninjai rewards available! If you could have just one Ninjai Kickstarter backer only reward, that once in a life time reward, what would it be? How about a Custom made, custom painted, custom rocket propelled, rocket fueled surfboard? (Ok, maybe forget the rockets!) You get the idea. What would you want? Get crazy, get creative! Let us know, think big, think small, think amazing! If you put it forward, we guarantee we'll look into it!

The Ninjai Gang